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I smell warmth when walking, early morning,

when the grass is creaking under the strain

of the past night's evening rain.

The world shimmers briefly and I can smell,

I swear, the warming of the air as dew

climbs upwards to meet the sky again.

© Marko 1999-2023


The early dawn, fresh and broody. Dew, a 

drop, atop the crested dogs tail. Cocks-foot 

and ox-eye daisies sway away, in the

morning breeze. A young lover's stifled sneeze.

Another day. Cuculus canorus

covets another's nest, as young lovers

walk with intent beneath the Common oak.

Romance giggles as four wide eyes close shut.

Dandelion squats and settles amongst

the autumn's decay. Anguis fragilis

cuddles down amongst the spent bluebell.

Parents clock-watch over the horizon.

Time omnipresent transcends the seasons.

Salmo salar entwine beneath ragged

robin and balsam. Near by the young lovers,

lie idle, texting triumph to their friends.

*(Norse) sword.